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Heath's 1 year update

In all these posts about Heath turning one I haven't listed out his latest tricks and developmental milestones. So this is what Heath does now...

  • He loves to eat. he's always been a good eater but the last couple weeks it seems like I can't get enough food into that boy. If he is not sitting for a meal or snack he is happiest with food in one hand and a toy in the other.
  • Heath has learned a few signs. He tells us "all done", "bird",  and "dog." he signs "bird" most often, when he sees or hears a bird, when he is looking at the chickens, and when he wants to go outside. He signs "dog" most when he is looking at my sister's little chihuahua or if he hears a dog bark.
  • he will say "wuff" when he hears a dog bark. and sometimes he will do a high pitch sound trying to mimic me when I make bird sounds for him. 
  • Heath loves to play outside. he likes to swing, play in his sand box, and play with the hose and baby pool. He can also go up all the steps of his slide, sit down, and slide down all by himself. He seems to no longer care if his bare feet or legs touch the grass.
  • Heath is learning to be more independent which means more fussiness when I do something he doesn't like. If he is holding something that I think is not good for him and I tell him to bring it to me, he will start to run away as I walk toward him to take the item away. This now results in a cry and pout when he used to not really care. 
  • Heath loves to play with his cousins. He follows after them thinking he is one of the big kids. They are good sports and include him happily. 
  • He has started to make this new really un-cute grimace when he is not happy. I have yet to get a picture of it but will share it when I do. 
  • He likes to dance to any kind of music. Sometime he will dance to random sounds when they first start until it's clear that it is not music.
  • He likes to snuggle. He melts right into me. He also likes to lay his head down on pillows that are on the floor or on the couch as he walks by. 
  • at his 12 month appointment he weighed 23.5 lbs
we love our boy!

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