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summer Fun part 2

This post is not in order but I'm ok with that. We have been keeping busy with day to day playtime and big vacations. summer has been good to us and i'm excited to share just a sampling of what we have been doing.
Heath loves to be outside. I think most babies like the fresh air and sun and he is no exception. Now that he can walk on uneven terrain with less falling, he really enjoyed our outing to a local meadow.
sometimes Heath just does funny things when we are at home. At this time he was all about doing yoga. I think he has perfected the downward dog.
Another at home favorite is playing peek-a-boo through Grandma's bedroom door. It's all fun and games till he can't get the door back open and he looks at us with terror in his eyes when he realizes he's stuck.
We checked out the Ventura county Fair with Tammy and Jesse. Of the many treats we tried this swirled potato on a stick was a favorite.
Heath somehow knows exactly what to do with these photo props. He always peeks through with a heart melting smile.
Jesse got her braces off just the day before so I had to take a ton of pictures of her at the fair to show off her slick teeth. We called it her "smile shoot." Love that girl.
Tammy and Jesse at the fair. we had a ton of fun.

At the beginning of August we spent about 10 days at Bass Lake for an Ashby family reunion. Sadly, Mike and two nephews couldn't be there for the reunion but we loved visiting with everyone that made it. Heath thought he was one of the big boys and did his best to fit in.
An Ashby tradition is "skit night" and the most laughs probably went to Amy's rendition of "the 3 bears."
Heath liked to play the same games with his baby cousin, Blake, that we play with him. He would often honk his nose and smell his feet, too funny!
Tammy and Don brought their boat and I was a little nervous to take Heath on it but he really did enjoy it! He even did a tube ride with me and didn't fuss once.
nap time after a boat ride. Even when he is sleeping I can't stop looking at him and taking his picture.
Mike was finally able to join us the last day of the reunion and he stayed to play with us for a few extra days. Heath loved swimming in the Lake with his daddy.
I love my boys. They are too cute! We've had a great summer with lots of fun and adventure. The weather has been getting warmer lately so there is plenty of summer left. I'm excited for what's to come

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Linda said...

It's so much fun to see the pictures! I love them all- It's great to see what you guys are doing- and how Heath is growing- A favorite today is Heath sleeping- His eyelashes are amazing!