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family beach day

My boys and I headed for the beach today hoping to catch some relief from the hot Ojai sun. We stopped at the Ventura Pier, laid out our beach towels and enjoyed the cool ocean breeze. It was fantastic.

Heath had a great time roaming the sand. He liked to scare away the seagulls by walking towards them and stomping his feet. He did a good job.
Mike and baby liked watching for big waves and had some great reactions when they came crashing down.
It wasn't enough to just watch though, they had a great time splashing in the waves. I was surprised how ok Heath was with the cold water. He really was a champ!
Heath even found a shell! He brought it straight to me. My heart melted.
I'll be keeping that shell till I die.
After all the hard play we enjoyed watching the surf and eating snacks. It was one of the best days of summer. 


Annie said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun!!! I am glad you guys are having such a fabulous time. Heath is just so stinkin' cute!! We sure miss you all!!

Linda said...

Cute Heath! Thank you for the great pictures!