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16 months

Our baby is happy, healthy, and a whole lot of fun! He loves to be outside running around, listening to music with his daddy and snuggling his mama. We love our boy.


Tammy said...

Oh. My. Goodness. He is so adorably cute! And you got his SURPRISE face! Next you need to try to get FRANKENSTIEN!

amyndodd said...

So cute! I love that face!!

Annie said...

Could that boy get any cuter? Love these pics! :)
The surprise face really highlights his eyelashes to the moon!

Linda said...

My, my, what great tonsils you've got! Larry
P>S> The rest of you is just so darn boyishly cute that I can see why you are in love with your BOY.

Rob said...

Nice outfit, Hux! And great pictures in general. Looks like he's growing up.