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Halloween 2011

warning! there are weird spacings in this post and I can't figure out why or how to fix it...sorry! just keep scrolling.

Our Halloween celebrations included the yearly Halloween package from Mike's mom (thank you! we loved it!), a trip to the pumpkin patch, our ward's annual Trunk or Treat, and a party with trick-or-treating at Auntie Amy's house.

I had too many favorites of the pumpkin patch so get ready for lots of photos!

For Halloween Heath was a Luchador! For the ward party we spiked his hair into a mohawk.

I thought he looked pretty awesome, but we decided to step it up a bit for trick-or-treating and we found him a great matching luchador mask at the local flea market. He hated it but we managed to trick him into one photo with it on.

We had a GREAT halloween!

on another exciting note, Mike passed his licensing exam! We are so proud of him and we are so thankful for all his hard work. I love my husband! He finished his first week of full-time work yesterday and it still feels funny that we are no longer students. I'm sure we'll get used to it soon though. We are excited that all our plans of staying in the Ventura area are really happening. It's amazing. Thank you Mike! We love you!


Nater said...

Heath looks hilarious! Good job on the costume.

Linda said...

Heath looks so grown up at the pumpkin patch! I especially liked the "pouty" face in the last picture!
His costume is terrific! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

Annie said...

I am dying over Heath's costume!!! Great job! You guys are so funny and creative!
I am so happy for Mike passing the test--getting a job---WOW! So great! Congrats again! :) Best of luck with finding a place to live. :)