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February Update

Just a few things we did during the month of February...

Top Left: Mike and Heath looking over the coastal edge during our day trip to a butterfly sanctuary and near by hike in Santa Barbara. Yes, Mike is carrying the bag, baby carrier and the baby so I could take pictures. He spoils me. 

Top Right: Heath needed a good distraction while I was making dinner. He was "meowing" again asking for his cat video. So I turned it on for him and he did a little yoga while watching. He's a funny boy.

Bottom Left: Heath was so excited to get candy from Grandma Bishop for Valentine's day. I caught this picture in the middle of him saying "help please" wanting me to take the wrapper off a sucker. 

Bottom Right: Heath is trying on a toy hard hat and having a blast! This boy know how to have fun anywhere he goes!

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Annie said...

I love all the photos! Mr. Heath is as charming as ever!!! Miss you all! :)