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Easter and 22 months!

We prepped for Easter with some family Easter egg dying. Heath has loved eggs since he got to collect them everyday from Grandma Ashby's chickens. He was very excited to play with eggs. 
 Heath loved to toss the eggs in the cups. We told him to be soft but we only had a few eggs that were not cracked when we were all done.
We had so much fun going through Easter baskets and finding surprises in the eggs on Easter morning. We "hid" so many eggs around the living room for Heath. After the first two he only wanted to eat the candy he found, he didn't care to grab any more.
We dressed up nice for Easter and I should have taken better pictures of Heath but he was too busy playing and eating his Easter candy.
We had a great Easter weekend! We started another great weekend today by taking Heath's 22 month photos. He is growing into such a big boy. He loves to play with his daddy, color, count cars (sounds like "1,2,1,2,1..."), eat cookies, run outside, jump and spin in circles. He talks quite a bit. I don't know if I can even list all of his words now. He is always making us laugh and smile.
Here is our 22 month old baby...


Alisha Balukoff said...

fun! I love the picture of him jumping!! it is so stinkin cute!!

Tammy said...

gah! he's so adorable i'm going to DIE! i love his contemplative look by the tree. and the boy should be paid to make his surprise face. love him!

amyndodd said...

What a cutie!! We love that boy!

Annie said...

So fun!!! Lucy is sitting here with me saying "Hi! Hi!" and waving to every picture of Heath. Love it!! :)

Linda said...

Wow! We love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them!