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some recent fun!

It's only Thursday but this week has been a ton of fun. On Monday Jesse, Heath and I drove to Ojai to see Grandma and Grandpa Ashby, and to check out the location of an engagement shoot that is happening tonight. I'm really excited, a little nervous, but mostly thrilled for the shoot. I wanted to be super prepared so Grandma came with the three of us to check out the area. I was taking pictures of the location and I should have been paying more attention to how cute Heath was. I was just snapping away and I wish I had got him in focus in this picture because i love it! He is looking at some horses I think. The outfit he is wearing is one of my favorites too. I love the shirt and shorts combo outfits on him.
After our little look around, Grandma took us to my favorite hole in the wall mexican food place, Reuben's. We got burritos and crossed the street to Libby park and ate while Heath played. After a little playtime he asked Grandma for candy, so our next stop was Ojai Ice Cream.
He got Candy and Jesse and I got Ice Cream. Heath didn't like that we had cones and he didn't, so we got an extra and I scooped some of my ice cream into his cone. He loves his ice cream! We had a fun playing with Grandma!

Yesterday we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo with Jesse. Every time we go back to the Zoo, Heath remembers a little more than the time before. Yesterday he remembered that the zoo had flamingos. He really wanted to see them. He asked for them as we walked in, as we were looking at Snakes, and parrots, then finally he got to see the flamingos. I didn't get a picture but he loved it.
A new treat for us this time was feeding a giraffe. There is usually a long line so we just pass by but there was no line at all and I wanted Heath to see one close up. He wasn't scared at first. He even tried feeding him lettuce but as soon as the giraffe touch him with his long tongue Heath didn't want any more of it. Thanks to Jesse for getting great pictures of us with the Giraffe, it was so cool!
Jesse and Heath get along really well. They sometimes get on each others nerves like a brother and sister but for the most part they play like best friends.
A favorite zoo activity that we can't leave without doing is riding the train. It's been fun to see Heath react differently to it each time we go and see him get more excited for it each time. On our first train ride, he wasn't amused. He looked like it was just another trip in a car. But yesterday he wanted on that train right away! and he didn't want to sit on my lap or hold hands. He wanted to be a big boy!
So we let him think he was but Jesse kept a close hand guarding him during the bumps and turns.

We love to play and have fun with our little boy!

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Annie said...

How fun!! Lucy just saw Heath's picture and said, "Abby!" So Jack corrected her- "That's not Abby- that is Heath". Now Lucy is saying, "Heee! Heee!" So cute!