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conversations with baby

Heath has been expanding his vocabulary every day. Sometimes it's because we are trying to teach him new words and give him new experiences but sometimes I have no idea how he is learning so much and so fast. He really is a little sponge. I'm learning that even if he doesn't show that he understands or replies how I'd like him to right away, that doesn't mean the he is unaware of what is going on or what is being said.

The other day, maybe a few days ago, Heath and I were playing. I said something to him with the word "you" in the phrase. I wish I could remember exactly what is was but I can't. He responded to me and said "you" but he was referring to himself. So that prompted a few minutes of teaching him how to use the words "you" and "me." I quickly realized he wasn't going to pick up on it right away but he thought the whole process of me taking his hand and putting on his chest and saying "me" then putting it on me and having him say "you" then me touching him and saying "you" and then myself saying "me" was so funny. He just laughed and laughed and I thought we were just playing a little game.

Then today after his nap, and after he recounted his nap dreams to me (an amazing and super cute story), we started to the stairs. I took one step down, and before I could get to the second step, Heath asked "hold you?" It's his phrase for asking "will you hold me?" Sometimes he wants me to carry him downstairs, and if he asks, then I do. So I said "Come here, Mama hold you." Then he smiled and said "hold me." It was the first time he said it correctly and his smile told me that he knew what he was doing. My baby was listening during our conversation the other day. I stopped in amazement and gave him so many kisses and hugs and told him "good job baby!" I was so proud of my baby. A huge part of me loves to see how he is developing, I enjoy it so much. There's also a touch of sadness too when I see how fast my baby is growing up. I'm not ready for him to be a big boy.

It's not like me to write so much and also not have a photo. So here's bobo sitting on a ball and shooting a ball. He has been LOVING basketball lately. If he is awake he is either holding a basketball or asking for one.

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