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After just moving about 3 months ago, Mike and I are looking again for a new place to live. We like this old duplex we're in and we wouldn't mind staying until we leave Utah. The problem is the new owners. I'm sure they are good people but they are upping the rent and we just don't think this place is worth what they're asking for. We can move to Pleasant Grove or American Fork and save some money on rent and on gas since we'd be so close to all my clients. So that's what we are thinking of doing. It's a little frustrating trying to find a new place...I just don't know where to look to find advertisements for places to rent. And when we do find a place we end up being two seconds too late because its already been rented. And that has been our biggest project lately. On another note, Mike's sister Annie had her third baby just a bit ago. His name is Jackson David McDonald. They sent us a picture on our cell phone and he is dang cute. I think they are going to call him Jack. Annie's girls are very excited about the new baby. We are going to Boise and McCall on Wednesday for about a week so we'll get to see Jack when he's still pretty little. I'm super excited to go.

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AshbyFamily said...

Hope your trip to Idaho is a blast...sorry about the housing issue. Try just calling Property Management Company's and see what they have listed as available. Good Luck